1. Is Vancouver Phoenix Gymnastics a Non-Profit Organization?

    • Yes, we are!

    • Fundraising enables us to surpass our essential program delivery needs (labour costs, facility use, basic equipment maintenance) and Rise to Excellence through facility upgrades, high-quality equipment, and offering specialized programming.

  2. I did not receive my envelope and/or pledge form. Can I still participate?

    • Yes, please! Print out an additional copy of the pledge forms or pick up from our front desk.

  3. How should I collect pledges?

    • We recommend asking family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, school friends -- anyone!

    • All donations big and small help us to reach our goals.

  4. Will the National Sport Trust Fund issue Tax Receipts for CASH donations?

    • Yes! Cash or cheque are accepted for all donations.

    • Donations need to be a minimum of $20 to be tax-receipt eligible.

    • Donor info must be complete on the YELLOW pledge form to receive a receipt.

  5. When is the deadline?

    • Pledges and forms will be accepted from February 17-March 2.

  6. Can a parent/guardian issue 1 cheque for the total cash donations on the pledge form?

    • Yes! Many members find it easiest for individual donors to e-transfer them and issue a cheque for the final amount.

    • If you would like to issue one cheque for the total donations:


        • Please issue the cheque for tax-receipt eligible donations to the  NATIONAL SPORT TRUST FUND

        • All tax-receipt requesting donations should be listed on the YELLOW pledge form, and the cheque should match that sheets total only.


        • Please issue the non-tax receipt donation cheque to VANCOUVER PHOENIX GYMNASTICS

        • This cheque should match the total from the white pledge form.