Holiday Essentials Fundraiser

Holiday Essentials Fundraiser

Back by popular demand, we will be launching our frozen food sale in November for all members. Be sure to order some staples to have on hand for the busy Holiday Season and reach out to friends & family for additional orders!


Thursday November 15th Order forms due
Monday December 3rd

Community Room, Millennium 

*mandatory pick up
*frozen food items


PURPOSE: To build funds and contribute to our CLUB INFRASTRUCTURE FUND.
WHO: Every Vancouver Phoenix Gymnastics Member.
WHAT: Flatbread, cookies, pies, meats, bread and more! See the order form for specifics.
WHERE: Pick-up will occur at our Millennium Location. If you would like your order transferred to St James on December 4th, please email Missy.

GOAL: To build our infrastructure fund of $100,000 for items such as:

1. Lights: Our lighting system was not efficient and difficult to replace, leaving the back of our gym in darkness.
    ○ Half of the lights were replaced and upgraded to an LED system in 2018 but we have half of the gym left to
       complete in 2019

2. Roof: Is starting to leak on our equipment 
    ○ Work is being completed on our balcony area to control leaks, and we will need to conduct some repairs on the main roof in the near future

3. Security: Upgrade lobby doors and security cameras.
    ○ Security cameras were installed in 2018, in addition to an upgraded connection through Shaw
    ○ Doors are still outstanding to be replaced

4. Equipment: With 2,000 bodies moving through weekly we have an endless equipment wish-list!
    ○ $27,000 of our fundraising funds were put toward equipment costs last year to keep our space highly

5. HVAC System: We want to remedy the gym smell as best we can!
    ○ We are currently working on obtaining quotes for additional exhaust fans and filters

6. More Space: We are constantly at capacity for our evening classes and city demographics are changing
    ○ We aim to start saving for facility expansion to meet the increasing demand for gymnastics programming
       throughout the city

HOW: We hope that each member can sell at least 10 items on the form.

  • Place your order form and cheque into a sealed envelope. Hand into your coach or the front desk.
  • Please issue all cheques to VANCOUVER PHOENIX GYMNASTICS.

Please contact Missy Preston, our Fundraising Coordinator, for more information.

Thank you in advance for your continued support and participation!

For more details on the products and nutritional information please visit