Can we do make up classes?
No. If you miss a class we do not give credits or offer make-up lessons. Your registration fee pays for a class spot for the entire session regardless of attendance.

What can I do with my other child while I am involved in a parent-participation class?
Siblings are welcome to sit on the side and entertain themselves with small toys, crayons, books, etc. Babies are fine in baby slings, ergos, or in portable car seats. It is extremely important that parents have both hands free to assist their child in their gymnastics class so please take this into consideration when you register.

Can I drop my child off early / pick them up late?
Our coaches are not available to child-mind while waiting for caregivers as they have constant coaching commitments in the gym.

Can my other child participate in their siblings class if they have insurance?
Our classes are full and therefore we are unable to accommodate children who are not registered in a class.

Can I register both children in the same class even though they are not the same age?
Our preschool curriculum has been developed with specific age appropriate activities, guided by the developmental stages of children to ensure the success of your children in our programs, therefore they must attend the age appropriate class.

Can I ‘play’ on the equipment in my child’s class?
Adults are not allowed on the equipment at any time.