Hints for A Happy Gymnastics Session

ARRIVE ON TIME Warm-up is very important to ensure proper physical and mental preparation before the start of your class! Please be ready to go into the gym on time so everyone has a great gymnastics class.

WHEN YOU ARRIVE Remove coats, shoes and socks and wait in the lobby for your coach to invite you into the gym and remember to visit the washroom.

COMMUNICATION Lines are always open! Feel free to introduce yourself to your coach and ask them about your child’s progress. Make sure to read all notices and feel free to check out our website for up-to-date info. If you have any questions or concerns, please inquire at the front desk or contact Leigh, our Gymnastics For All Program Lead at leigh@phoenixgymnastics.com.

WHAT TO WEAR Children should wear either shorts and a t-shirt or a bodysuit (anything used for ballet or dance is great) with bare feet. Long hair should be tied back and remember to remove all jewelry. Adults participating in any parent and tot classes should wear active, comfortable clothing and stay within arm’s reach of their child at all times.

BATHROOM DUTY Please visit the washroom before your class. In order to keep our little ones safe, all children use the washrooms located inside the gym during class. St. James bathrooms are located both in the hallway and downstairs.  Children in our Little People Program or younger will be accompanied to the washroom by an adult and school-aged children with a partner.