Interclub Boys

INTERCLUB BOYS PROGRAM: Performance Excellence

Interclub Boys is by invitation only and on a year to year basis. Interclub Boys may be a stepping stone between developmental and competitive gymnastics. This program is an excellent option for athletes enjoying the benefits of gymnastics training, but are not able or interested in the pace of competitive training and competition. This program is also for athletes whose abilities exceed that of GFA (Recreational programs).

Membership in this program requires a minimum of 8 hours a week, has an annual training schedule from August to June, and requires participation in interclub meets during the year. Event training focuses on physical preparation, skill development and performance.

Attendance, attitude, coachability, work ethic, physical and skill testing through out the year will be used to assess athletes suitability for continued participation each year.


  Boys Interclub 8
Ages 6-14 yrs
Training hours 8h / week
Schedule Wednesday evening & Sunday
Training Location Millennium Gym
Events required Min 2 meets / year