Internship Program

Vancouver Phoenix Gymnastics Internship Program
(Updated November 2019)

This program was established in order to provide an opportunity for adults who have no previous gymnastics experience but express an interest and willingness to learn gymnastics coaching skills, a venue in which to be mentored in a practical setting.
Candidate Criteria
• Must be at least 15 years of age
• Must be Level 1 Gymnastics Foundations trained
• May have little or no gymnastics or teaching experience
• Demonstrates a willingness and interest in working with children
• Appears to be a good cultural fit for the Club
• Has a valid Police Information Check if 18+ years (with Vulnerable Sector Search)
• Has completed Respect in Sport online program
• Is prepared to complete Make Ethical Decisions online evaluation
• Is prepared to complete the Foundations workbook
Internship Process:
1. Initial interview by the HR Manager and/or Program Director and /or CIT Lead
2. Orientation session (general info about facility, programming and personnel)- By HR and CIT Lead
3. Intern will be registered with Gymnastics BC as a volunteer- By HR
4. Internship schedule in the Gymnastics For All Program will be provided.
    - minimum of 10 volunteer observing hours in variety of classes + 10-30  volunteer training hours of shadow
       work as recommended by CIT Leads (depending on previous experience, background, education, etc..
       with tracking form)
    - Internal coaching evaluation midway and at the end- possible further recommendations of additional 
       training hours 
5. Upon recommendation he/she may apply for a coaching position at the Club.
Note: Completion of the Internship Program does not guarantee that the intern will be hired as a Phoenix coach. All criteria for the selection of an employee will apply to any intern applying for a coaching position.
Questions? Please see or email Evelyna Chiu, HR Manager.