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Frequently Asked Questions




Am I a current member?

You are a considered a current member if you have purchased the 2020-21 and/or 2021-22 Gymnastics BC Insurance Fee through your Uplifter account.

If you have not purchased any of these items for at least one athlete in your family, please register on the new members registration date.


Can I buy a membership so I can register for classes early?

No, memberships can only be purchased along with a program registration. This membership can be used for classes, camps, private lessons, etc. Please register on the new members registration date.


How do I register my child if they are not old enough to be in a certain class or will age into it soon?

Classes: The age cut off for the 2021-2022 season is December 31, 2021. Children may age into a class during the Fall session only. This will keep kids in the same class type for the entire school year. All classes are progressive from September to June and take their current age and skill level into account.

Camps: The age cut off is the day the camp starts.


When will I hear about the spots my child is waitlisted for?

If/when a spot becomes available for your child, we will send you an email through our website notifying you that the class is now available for registration. You will have 24 hours to respond and if you do not accept the spot online or email us back, you will be removed from the waitlist. Please ensure you are opted in to the “Guardian Information Messages” email list and that our email ( is added to your contacts list so that the message is not filtered as spam.




Why can’t I login to my account?

We have recently switched to a new registration system over Summer 2020. If you have not attempted to login since then, you will need to create a NEW account as our old system is not connected to the new system. You may use the same email address to create the account. Please set up the account with yourself as the Guardian and any participants as Athletes.


How do I complete the waiver form?

You will need to complete two waiver forms per athlete, upon account creation. When it pops up, read the form thoroughly and then scroll down to the bottom and check off the boxes indicating you are 19+ years of age and are the Parent/Guardian of the athlete for which the form is being completed. Finally, type in your full name into the textbox. The “Accept” button should now be orange and clickable and once you have accepted it, no further action is needed. Note that the form is only an image, not a fillable document. If you receive an error after completing these steps, please email us.



Can I watch my child’s class?



What is Phoenix doing to keep athletes, staff, and members safe?

Please see our COVID-19 Safety Plan.