Seniors Can Move

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Seniors Can Move

The Seniors Can Move Program is designed to improve the agility, balance, coordination, and strength of adults 65+ years of age. Through games and gentle exercises, we reacquaint seniors with fundamental movement skills they may no longer be practicing due to inactivity, pain, illness, or surgery: walking, marching, throwing, catching, and balancing – even skipping. Using soft, high mats, we teach participants how to fall safely and get back up again.

Classes include stretching routines, as well as exercises designed to develop participants’ spatial awareness, and improve their ability to perform daily activities such as tying shoes, climbing stairs, and reaching for items on high shelves.

Our coaches are experienced at safely adapting the exercises in the program to a range of health conditions and physical limitations, and participants are supported in going at their own pace.

Who is this program for?

Adults 65+ who want to move more confidently, improve their balance and coordination to prevent falls, and improve their physical ability to perform daily tasks and activities.

Walkers and canes may be used during class. Participants must be able to follow directions; due to safety concerns, this program may not be suitable for people with dementia.

How to Register:

  • by phone 604-737-7693
  • in person
  • by email

*Limited Capacity*